American Dance/Drill Team® is proud to offer a unique service to our teams attending any of our officer camp, team camp or private camp.  The routines have been especially prepared in a professional setting to present all feature routines offered at our team camps, officer camps and private camps.  It will feature a staff group performing the routine so that you can get a better idea of the visual aspects of the routine, plus the 'walk through' that makes for easy learning.

What makes our routine recordings different? Following each of the routines performed by a group (to indicate formations and parts), one of the instructors will demonstrate each step of the routine with her back to their camera so you and your team members may follow in sequence along with the routine notes. This will make learning or reviewing the routines a breeze to follow the steps on the monitor.

Prior to our camps, the directors are sent a link for the Visual Routine Notes, so you can choose the routines you would like for your team to learn.  When you are back home and preparing for summer practice, utilize the Visual Notes as a review, or to learn additional routines.  

For your private camp, you will receive a link to preview the Visual Routine Notes several weeks prior to your camp, once you have sent in your deposit. This will allow you to choose the routines you want taught at your private camp. No other company offers this option to preview and select routines in advance to ensure that the material taught at your camp will be routines you will definitely use.

Although other companies may offer a variety of videos--some for selling you on their program, others made at camp and difficult to determine routine steps--our VISUAL NOTES provides a professional teaching tool that can support you throughout the year and offer the unique teaching supplement following each routine.

At both officer and line camp, your recordings of the Feature Routines is FREE to those who bring their entire team or officer group to camp.   

If you have any questions about our VISUAL NOTES or any other aspects of our program, please to not hesitate to call (254-947-0613) or email our office.  We look forward to the privilege of working with you and your team.  


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