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Gussie Nell Davis Articles
Gussie Nell Davis Biography
Rangerette Founder Passes
Trouping the Colors for Gussie Nell
Quotes about Gussie Nell
Here's to Gussie Nell
Rangerettes Reunite
Hall of Fame Acceptance
Texas Women
A Tribute to Gussie Nell
The Rangerettes Today
Queen of the Highkickers She's a Lone Star Star
Profile of Gussie Nell We Created A Whole Industry
"A Drill Team's Garden" Gussie Nell article from Dance Teacher Now
Dr. Irving D. Dreibrodt, co-founder of American Dance/Drill Team®, wrote his master's thesis on marching bands and drill teams in 1951. Link to his thesis to resource a piece of history in our industry.
Order your copy today of Remembering Gussie Nell.
It details the story of Gussie Nell Davis and her life with the Rangerettes, the history of the Dance/Drill phenomenon and a collection of memories of this great lady.
Officer and Team Tryouts
Officer Tryouts Line Tryouts
Officer Leadership Test Tryout Scoresheet Explanation
Officer Tryout Scoresheet Line Tryout Scoresheet
No Point Scoresheet No Point Scoresheet #2
Parent Permission Letter For those who don't make the Team
Open Window Sample Tryout Application
Officer Job Description Judges Instructions
Social Officers Recruting and Organizing Tryouts
OFFICER HEADQUARTERS Big Sis/Lil' Sis Gift ideas
Managers Duties Managers Special Projects
Managers Application    
Selecting Effective Performance Music Charting Music
Creating Choreography with Visual Props Beginning Choreography
Choreography Checklist Prop & Costume Shortcuts
Drill Team Choreography Adaptive Choreography
Dancing Like a Lady Formation Ideas 
Traveling Patterns  Basketball Court Layout
Traveling With Your Team
Fire Safety in your Hotel A Student's trip to New York
Benefits to Student Travel Countdown to a Successful Trip
Why Use a Travel Agent The Big Trip
Helpful tips for Contest Preparation
Contest Preparation How to Beat the Scoresheet
From a Judges Eyes Planning Ahead for Competition
Solo Hints Dance I Test
Packing List for Contest The Night Before Competition
Sample Team Scoresheet  Sample Officer Scoresheet 
Sample Ensemble Scoresheet  Sample Solo Scoresheet 
Suggestions for Public Relations Projects Selecting the Right Camp for You
Golden Rules, Motivational Guidelines Fundraising Ideas
Successful Fundraisers What it Takes To Be Number One
Example of Asst. Director Duties  How to Survive Budget Cuts
Delegating Duties Treating Your Team Like a Business
Adjusting to the Block Schedule  When a Member Quits the Team
Saving Sense: Tax Deductions Time Management  
Student Manager Duties   Importance of Discipline
Being an Organized Drill Team Director Problem Solving  
Supervising Your Student Teacher Jots from Joyce
Training Needs for Your Team Big Sis/Lil' Sis Ideas 
Director Etiquette Music & Band Coordination
Spring Show Mania! Packing List for Competition
Spring Show Master Schedule Discipline
When a member quits the team Bling It On
Coping with Tragedy Funds for Fun

Weekly Message Archives - Over 200 Motivational Articles!

Attitude Adjustment What My Mother Taught Me
Do Not Undermine Your Worth! The Color Of Friendship
Somebody Seasons of Relationships
Be Willing to Take Advice Stickability is Tremendous
The Last Eight Count  Laughter Cures
Make Peace with Imperfection Motivational Poems & Quotes
God Created Teachers  Five Balls of Life
Shake it off and Step Up Something to think about
Team Building Activities Classroom Burnout 
Things Aren't So Bad. The ABC's of Praise
Simple vs. Real Learn to be Thankful
Bottom Line Be A Winner
You Might Be A Dancer if... 20 of the most important things
Making a Difference Raising Happy, Loving Kids
Personal Responsibility Struggling
Parent Groups
Life is Not Always a Fair Game Allowing Defeat
Boot Backers Drill Team an Endangered Species? 
IRS Information for Booster Clubs A Threat to Drill Team
Parent's Club: How to Cope Positive Parent Support
How to Win With Drill Team Parents When Children Play, Parents Adjust
Nutrition & Conditioning
Reading Between the Lines Healthy Ideas
Water Anyone? Thinking on Your Feet
Fat Facts Eating to Lose
Fitness for the Dancer High Kick Technique
Power Stretch Get Fit!
Self-Confidence, Self Esteem & Exercise Fifteen Ways Exercise Helps You
What is a Workout Accident Procedure
Dance Injuries Defeating Stress
Fitness for the Dancer Best and Worst Foods
Beware of the Sun & Tanning Salon!
Preparing for the Fall Season
Football Field Spacing Guide Field Entrances for Officers/Team
Working with your Band Director Year-Round Drill Team Calendar
Organizing a  Rehearsal Schedule Dr. Director
Communicate with Administrators Football Game Organization
Dance and Movement Vocabulary The High Kick–A Vanishing Act?
Tips for a Successful Halftime Show Modern Dance Quiz (Dancer Magazine)
Prop Choreography Adaptive Choreography
Starting a New Dance Program, or Reorganizing the Old One 
Online TAKS Practice The History of Drill Team in New Mexico
TX Knowledge & Skills of Dance Benefits to Students in a Dance Program
Drill Team as Athletes Varsity Dance/Drill Team Syllabus
Importance of Dance/Drill Team in School Public Relations Projects
Preparing a Drill Team Budget Fundraising Ideas
Thinking on Your Feet The History of Dance/Drill Team
TAAS Reading Stems Pronunciation of Dance Terms
Writing (or rewriting) Your Constitution Helping Kids with Peer Pressure
Excet Test Prep for Teachers Why Choose American
Sample Dance Team Constitution 

Dance Lesson Plans:
Dance 1-Ballet
Dance 1-Choreography
Dance 1-Hip Hop
Dance 1-Jazz
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