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for high school, college, middle school, elementary dance teams,
as well as
Studio and All Star groups



Additional Contest Information
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Music Copyrights - read information on how these
laws will affect your music selections

View a Video - listen to a sample that has proper edits
when working with one or multiple pieces of music

What forms of Payments are accepted?
Check, Money Order, Credit Card via Paypal or EFT Bank Transfer
for additional information, contact Barbara, ADTS Accounts Mgr.

Does American offer discounts? Yes, we offer several to
groups or teams that are competing a minimum of 3 team events (officer events when applicable).
You MUST provide the appropriate Promo Code when
registering. The discounts are not automatic and do not apply
to individual registrations.

January Contest Specials ~ ADTS 60th Anniversary Celebration
For the three January competitions,
Kansas Spectacular and Central TX Dance Festival,
take advantage of some great fees and additonal discount!!
* $60 Solo fees and $60 Duet fees
* 20% Register and Pay in Full by Dec. 1st (Promo Code: ADTS_Jan20)
10% Register and Pay in Full by Dec. 1st - receive 10% off your
total registration. PO's do not apply. (Promo Code: ADTS_Dec1)
$100 New Client Discount - your team has not attended an
ADTS contest in 3 or more years (Promo Code: ADTS_New100)
FREE Officer Event - groups that attended an ADTS Officer Camp
in 2017 can receive a free officer event (Promo Code: ADTS_Officer)
FREE Team Event - groups that attended an
ADTS Team Camp or Private Camp
in 2017 can receive a free team event (Promo Code: ADTS_Team)

What is American classification breakdown for competition?

Studio/All Star divisions (will follow USASF rules for 2018)
*Must be the following age by August 31st
6 yrs & under
7-9 yrs old
10-12 yrs old
Junior Prvt.
13-15 yrs old
Senior Prvt.
16-18 yrs old
Middle School & Jr. High

High School Team Sizes (based on your current team roster)
Does not apply to Studio/All Star or Middle School/Jr. High groups
Jr. Varsity &
Pep Squad
Extra Small Team
<=15 members
Small Team
16-25 members
Medium Team
26-35 members
Large Team
36-45 members
Super Team
46+ members
*Super XL Team
60+ members
Elite Team
portion of your team
* Jr. Varsity & Pep Squad - there must be 3 or more teams in each division for the classes to be seperated.
* Super & Super XL - if there are 3 or more teams with 60+ team members,
the Super XL classification will be divided off.
*If there are less than 3 teams in any division, ADTS reserves the right to combine classifications.
* Team sizes can NOT be changed once the final schedule has been sent to print.
* You must dance 70% of your team in each routine, or take the chance of disqualification.

Who is eligible to attend Special Events?
Solo Finalists, Best In Class Duets, Ensembles, Officers, Teams &
Best of the Best Teams

Does American charge admission into their contest events? Yes.

Regionals Admission
Friday - $5 & Saturday - $10
5 yrs old & under, 65 yrs old & older
and Active Military Personnel with
photo ID are FREE

Nationals Admission
Friday - $10 & Saturday - $15
5 yrs old & under, 65 yrs old & older
and Active Military Personnel with
photo ID are FREE

Does American sell t-shirts & patches? Yes!
Visit the ADTS Store at all contest locations!
T-shirts - $10 & Patches - $5
You may also order patches via the mail using the Patch Order Form.

All of your answers for Time Limits, Category Descriptions and
what is Discouraged or Not Permitted by ADTS!

NEW! Sample Scoresheets: Team, Officer, Ensemble/Duet, Solo

Contest Preparation Helpful Information/Articles


In your Team/Officer/Ensemble
results packet you will receive written
critiques from three judges, two of which will be audio commentary along with videos of your performance on a USB drive.

In your Solo/Duet result packets
you will receive written as well as visual/audio critiques from two judges.
Download an example.

This can be viewed on any computer that
has a USB port and Quicktime software.

Watch for our 2018 Contest Brochure and
2018 College Dance Team Brochure


Links to all Competition Results

All forms are now published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Acrobat files have become a web standard and can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, please visit the Adobe website
for your free copyof the software.


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