See a performance of Wakaba High School from Japan
at our National/International Championship
See a performance of the Australia Dance/Drill Team link

Go directly to Contest Dates and locations for our Dance Team Competitions
for high school, college, middle school, elementary dance teams,
as well as Studio and All Star groups

Download our 2015 Contest Brochure
2015 College Dance Team Brochure

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Go directly to Live Video Stream page

In your Team/Officer/Ensemble results packet you will receive critiques from three judges, two of which will be audio commentary along with videos of your performance. In your Solo/Duet result packets you will receive written as well as visual/audio critiques from two judges. Download an example.
This can be viewed on any computer that has a USB port and Quicktime software

"Life goes by fast and we don’t always stop to share the things that make a difference in our lives and to say THANK YOU! I want to just take a minute to take this opportunity and say THANK YOU for being a great company to work with and value bringing my girls to competition. Your company exhibits a true Christian spirit, professionalism, respect for academics and value of individuals. I have experienced several professional companies through the years including working for the SA Spurs, US Olympic Festival, owning my own businesses, dance director, educator and other professional entities and I deeply value the qualities that your company exhibits. I just thought you should know… it shows."

Kathy Lee
Champion HS Charms Director

2015 Contest Registration
Now accepting PayPal and Credit Cards for Registration
For details or invoicing, contact Barbara, our accounts manager

$200 discount to new clients (not attending in the past 3 years)**

Use the discount code in the comments box: ADTSNEW200
Purchase Orders are not considered payment
* 2015 Loyalty Discount *
Are you attending two 2015 American Contests = Redeem a Free officer event;
Are you attending three 2015 American Contests = Redeem a Free team event
(must register 3 or more officer or team events)

*This discount only applies to entries made by the team director and does not apply to individual entries.
Invoices not paid by December 1st, will be revised at the regular entry fee price.
Cannot be combined with any other discounts
**Must compete at least 3 team events and is not applicable when combined with any other discounts.
Must be paid in full at least three weeks prior to contest date to be eligible.

If you need your login and password, or entry fees, directors can email us at
, and we can send this to you.
If you have questions about your invoice or special invoicing,
email Barbara at

If you need to receive a username and password, a W-9 form for your bookkeeper,
or have any questions about the new system, please contact us, or call 254-947-0613

You do not pay at the time of pre-registration. An invoice will be sent to you
once you have hit 'submit and print' at the end of your pre-registration process.

If you need to add or modify any of your entries, you can login and modify your information up to two weeks prior to the competition. After that time, you must contact our office to add or modify events.

If you do not see the
"Directors Statement of Responsibility" pop up once you have hit
'Print and Submit'
, you are NOT registered yet.

Directors may view entry fees by logging into the registration page or
can be emailed to you upon request.
High School Team Sizes (does not appy to any other groups)
Extra Small Team – 15 & under
Small Team - 16-25
Medium Team - 26-35
Large Team - 36-45
Super Team – 46+
*If there are at least three teams of 60+, we will add another Super XL Division

See the editable PDF for the Regional Registration form

See the editable PDF for the Nationals Registration form

FormSwift is a project focused on creating personal and legal templates that are customizable, easy to use, and highly professional. For select businesses and organizations, including schools, non-profits, and athletic associations, we offer a tailored set of free services, such as customized e-signature forms for any PDF.

See Individual Registration Below

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9:00-5:00pm Central Time or 254-947-0613 or 800-462-5719

Individual Online Registration
(for solos and duets competing without their teams)
*Individual solos/duets that are entering a competition where their team nor officers are not competing, must pay the "individual entry fee" in order to receive their two USB flash drives with audio/video comments from the judges.

Regional Fees for Individual Registration:
$100 for Solos • $150 for Duets
National Fees for Individual Registration:
$125 for Solos • $175 for Duets

In order to view the team entry fee pricing, Directors need to login to their account with their login and password

All teams/officer groups entered in the competition will have all solo and duet audio/video comments compiled onto one set of USB flash drives that the director will receive at the end of the competition. The individual video/audio files can be easily transferred to a CD or USB flash drive for each student.

College Dance Teams
American Collegiate Championship
at UNT • March 21, 2015
for more info link here
Guest Performance and Recruiting at Regional Contests link here for more information

Cicci's Academic Champions Entry Form
Each team entering team events can complete the form above (by a school counselor) and either fax,
or scan and email into the office by Monday at noon prior to the contest to be considered for the American Academic Champions award. All grades must be figured by the counselor on a 4.0 scale.
Fax to: 254/947-3040 or scan copy from counselor and e-mail to

Helpful Links
2014 National Championship UPDATES NEW TEAM SIZES FOR 2014

Regional Contest Awards
National/International Awards

Contest Rules and Regulations
American Collegiate
Happy Feet Miss High Kick Information
General Contest Information

Jr & Sr Miss High Kick Entry Form

Online editable Patch Order Form to print and send in with payment
See patch samples

Spectator / Participant Information
Ensemble Scoresheet  Solo Scoresheet 
Team Scoresheet  Officer Scoresheet  
Discouraged or Not Permitted Order Your GTM Natl Championship Jacket
Contest Preparation Articles Past Contest Results

Regional Spectator Admission Fees:
Friday-$5 per person
Saturday-$10 per person
5 and under/65 and over FREE

Nationals Spectator Admission Fees:
Friday-$10 per person
Saturday-$15 per person
5 and under/65 and over FREE

Yellow Star Visit the American Store Yellow Star
where t-shirts are still $10 each
(over a dozen new designs)
and Patches are still $5 each

Solo finalists, Best in Class duets, ensembles, officers and teams are eligible for special performance opportunities including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade™, the Capital One Bowl™,and the SMU Football Extravaganza. For more information about these trips, visit our Special Events page.

Contests & Information
Schedules will be posted after 5:00pm on the Monday prior to the contest. Directors will receive a preliminary schedule by e-mail about 10 days prior to the contest. If you are a director and have not received the preliminary schedule at least 10 days ahead, please contact our office immediately.
2014 Schedules are linked for your convenience to view the previous season
will be posted within an hour following the awards ceremony.
Contest Profile information including entrances/exits, floor surfaces, site address and phone number, etc, just click below the contest name for Contest Profile.

2015 Contest
Dates and Locations
Watch for Special Discounts sent by email

Jan. 23-24th

Kansas Spectacular
Olathe East H.S.
KSHAA approved event
All teams must adhere to rules set by

Benefitting Harvesters charity
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
2015 Schedule
2015 MS/HS Results 2015 All-Star Results or 913-538-5435

Jan. 31st
North Houston Dance Classic
New Caney High School
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 7th

North Texas Regional
Rockwall Heath H.S.
Contest Profile
As of 1-23-15, No. Tx Reg. is at capacity and
registration is closed.
Please consider another American contest for your team.
Box Lunch Order Form
Hilton Lakefront Reservation Link
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 7th
Jr So. Padre Island Festival
South Padre Island Convention Center

for elementary, middle school & all star teams

This contest will honor team age groups as approved by USASF
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 14th
Heart of Texas Classic 
Ellison H.S • Killeen, TX
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 14th

Gussie Nell Davis Dance Classic
Kilgore College • Benefitting Rangerette Scholarships
Visit the Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence and Rangerette Showcase
(a museum of the history of the Rangerettes)

NEW! Director's Hospitality Room and assigned dressing space
*We will draw for one team to get FREE tickets to Revels!
Contest Profile
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Sr. South Padre Island Festival
South Padre Island Convention Center
or High Schools & Middle Schools
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 21st

Lone Star State Dance Championship
State Champions for High School and Sr Teams
Order your State Championship Jackets on our
ADTS Team Store from GTM
• All
Solo Winners and Miss Texas High Kick will receive a FREE jacket from GTM Sportswear
McNeil H.S. (Austin, TX)

Contest Profile
State Miss High Kick Entry Registration
Box Lunch Order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 21st
Houston Coastal Sr Dance Classic
Morton Ranch H.S. (Katy, TX)
for High School teams
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 21st
DFW Dance Championship
Duncanville H.S.
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
5 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 28th
Texas Dance Classic
Rowlett H.S.
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 28th

Houston Regional Championship
Dekaney H.S.
(Spring , TX)
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Order Form
Dekaney HS layout
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

Feb. 28th
Austin Dance Classic
Vandegrift H.S. (Northwest Austin area)
Contest Profile
Map of Vandegrift HS
Box Lunch Pre-order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

MARCH 2015

March 7th

Alamo Dance Classic 
Alamo Convocation Center (San Antonio, TX)
Open to all groups for 2015!
Contest Profile

2015 Schedule 2015 Results

March 6-7th
Galveston Island Festival
Moody Gardens Hotel
& Convention Center
Contest Profile
Moody Gardens Map
Convention Center Contest Layout

Moody Gardens Concessions Menu
Email Katrina Wiggers regarding box lunches
2015 Schedule 2015 HS Results
2015 All Star/Studio/MS Results
March 14th
Santa Fe Dance Festival
St. Michael's HS Santa Fe, NM
Approved competition by the NMAA for Dance Teams
Contest Profile
Box Lunch Pre-order Form
2015 Schedule 2015 Results

March 20-21


University of North Texas - Denton, TX

Contest Profile
Download important Information for Teams
This contest is approved by KSHSAA for Kansas Teams

North Tunnel in Coliseum opening
for props 9' high/11' wide

(All staging and props must fit through this tunnel without assembly inside. Staging and props cannot be stored in the Coliseum and can only be brought in 30 minutes before performance and must be taken out immediately after the performance.)
Any staging or backdrops going into the Men's Gym must fit through a 7' double door with the center bar removed.

2015 Schedule 2015 Results
National/International Awards Explanation
Dressing Assignments
Layout of UNT campus
Order your National Championship Jackets on our
ADTS Team Store from GTM • All Solo Winners& Miss High Kick will receive a FREE jacket from GTM Sportswear

Miss High Kick Information

NEW!! Top scoring school team, studio team, school officer group and studio officer group will receive Letterman Jackets, with no increase in entry fees!

Tailgating T
ents & RV's
The link for the online form to reserve tent/RV space around the Coliseum and Bahnsen Gym will be live in mid January. There will be extra space available on a first come,
first serve basis just west of the Tennis Courts.
Reserved Tent Layout

For hotels near UNT visit the Hotel Page

March 21

American Collegiate Championship

University of North Texas - Denton, TX
*Competition fee includes free recruiting table, high school contact list,
photo in program and much more!

NEW! Adding a new division for 2014 for NAIA schools
All Divisions include: Div. IA, Div. I, Div. II, Div. III, NAIA, Hip Hop (Div. I, IA), Hip Hop (Div. II, III, NAIA)

2015 Schedule 2015 Results

2015 Dallas Mavericks
Since the Mavs schedule did not offer a weekend date that would be workable for the competition, we will be inviting some of our top scoring teams at the Dallas area competitions to perform at a Mavericks game in March/April 2015.
Competition Results
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2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014  


Links to all Competition Results

All forms are now published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Acrobat files have become a web standard and can be viewed with the free Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, please visit the Adobe website
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